Tuesday, August 15, 2006


What happens when you're phenomenally bored during meetings? Don't know about you, but my mind tends to wander off in some very weird directions indeed. At the end of the last five-hour meet, I came to and looked down at the notebook. I'd picked up this habit of assiduously and industriously taking notes while fast asleep (actually, I have a nasty feeling there's a whole different alter ego that does stuff when I'm asleep. I definitely know I drove some 5 km in Goa with zero recollection...)
And in the book, this is what I saw...
A product that exists only in code, only recognizable by the way current flows are directed in semiconductor microchips, that still fulfils a function.
That function is media analysis.
a science
dedicated to analyzing the impact of planning an art (advertising)
of selling an idea (I must become thin)
of a concept (because thin is good)
of a brand (X will make me thin)
that's a perception (X the non-real personality with aspirational values)
of a product (non-aspartane-based sugar substitute)
that fulfils a need (looking good by being thin)
created of another perception of social expectation (looks are important)
created of a set of mores (looks means 34-22-36)
based on social psychology (34-22-36 means healthy, fertile, breeder)
that grew out of evolution (healthy fertile breeders are your best bet for preserving your genes)
from genetics (survival of the fittest)
from biology (fit means most efficient organisms, adapted to environment)
from chemistry (efficiency comes from best enzymes, molecules, oxygen conversion)
from physics (molecules form operating on electron orbital linkages between atoms)
from quantum physics (atoms are made of quarks)
from string theory (top, bottom, left, right, charming, and strange quarks are made of unidimensional vibrations in different directions)
which is a... faith?
I need help, right?