Wednesday, June 27, 2007


When I was coming back from the office to Dadar today, the cabbie charged me ninteen rupees. I immediately thought of my friend Unny. When Unny returns to his home town, he'll start his own business. And he'll call it Unny's.
What business? Obviously, manufacture of honey. And the enterprise will be blessed with the moniker - Unny's Bees.
But in today's world, simply the product is not good enough. It needs to be marketed with a little... flourish. And Unny will use, as his trademark, Love as the USP of the honey, and his business will come to be known as - Unny's Bees + Ek Kiss.
Then, as the business flourishes, Unny will realize that he needs to diversify and branch out. So he will also open a domestic help referral agency as a division of the main business.
Thus will end the story of how there will be, one day in a town in India, a company called...
Unny's Bees + Ek Kiss, and Bais.

Update: Soon after, Unny's parents, who stay with him, encourage him to accept into the family an aged friend of theirs. Unny, the essential entrepreneur, goes a step further and opens for her, an old-age home for ladies that she can manage, called Tai's.
With the money now flowing in like crazy, a professional finance manager is needed. Unny hires his childhood friend, Mr. V. Choubey, who combines his investment-advice firm with Unny's business, a company called Choubey's.
Thanks Praveen for the contribution!

Unny now is the master of Unny's Bees + Ek Kiss and Bais, Tai's, and Choubey's. The name is too big to fit on his visiting card, so he combines the five things into a single group called Paanch Cheez.

His success inspires his neighbor, a Korean gentleman, Mr. James Cha, to go into business himself. Unfortunately, he chooses a field which brings him into direct competition with Unny, when he puts up a board bearing the legend - Cha Bees.


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  2. Just too good [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]

  3. This is developing into a great story.
    Then Mr Unni can diversify into taking care of 'Old ladies'..Tais..
    Get into financial consulting after recruiting Mr Chobey and name the offshoot as Chobey's....
    .....and some day a Rajanikant starer will be made on this one.

    Great post!