Monday, January 05, 2009

A Moving Story - moved, shaken and stirred. And setup.

It's over. I Am ensconced in new flat snugly, and wandering around, uttering child-like cries of wonder at every new discovery.
  • Strange, disturbingly vivid, cartoons in rubber all over the walls.
  • More glass and china than produced by entire generations of the Ming dynasty. Considering that there will be a Taurean living here shortly - and 2009 is the year of the Ox - this is not a good idea.
  • A stack of tiles and a twenty-kilo rock in the window seat.
  • Small, six-inch high cane chairs in the loft.
  • A giant roll (six feet across and god knows how long) of bubblewrap.
  • Crystal decanters.
  • A sewing machine treadle.
  • A genuine VCR. Remember, the ones that used to play those rolls of magnetic tape... before mp4, before xvid, before blu-ray, even before dvd and vcd...
  • A giant furry tiger-print blanket.
  • Giant plastic sheeting, lovingly colonized by pigeons.
  • Something that I still can't figure out, but it looks like the pelt of a capybara, or a four-foot orange rat. Shedded so much hair and dust I sneezed for an hour.
  • Stone vases and extraordinarily realistic plastic plants - two of us watered them for a week before realizing something's off.
  • Mysteriously sealed cupboards
  • Commemorative mugs of the Royal Wedding.
  • 3 small ivory balls
  • 25 combs of varying fineness, a hair dye brush, and a pack of morning-after pills. How such small things tell the story of an entire life...
  • A pack of cigarette filters
  • Thirty feet of coaxial cable
  • Wind chimes
  • Forty feet of guano-encrusted network cable
  • 3-disc CD player with speakers
  • An address book populated with Macs, restaurants, and beauty parlours
  • A complete bar kit - corkscrew, opener, tongs, etc - made by Sanyo (??)
  • A set of six full-length thick curtains that don't fit any window or door in the house
  • And finally - The Last Supper, made of plaster, embedded in one wall.

And, as you would no doubt have realized, on top of all this I shall be adding my unique sense of taste and decoration to an already unique foundation. This should be fun.


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