Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I, am in, a spring-cleaning mood. 
I usually let it finds its outlet in

  • Cleaning up my room
  • Getting the bike serviced
  • Formatting my hard disk
  • Updating my CV
  • Changing flats
  • Going on a holiday
But this time... I want to do more than just that. I want to do all of the above. And more. 
Dangerous times. 

Feel... heavy. Weighed down. Too many things. Too much to worry about. 
The trick to never have any regrets is to never look back. If I take an axe to the ropes now... I will need to remember this. 
If, of course, it comes to the axe. I need to backup first. 
What the hell - it's good Feng Shui anyway. 

Watch this space. 


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