Thursday, June 03, 2010

spring cleaning - the other side

On the first day, he said, "Let there be AC, and yea, chilling winds." And it was.
On the second day, he said, "Let there be a fridge, that my beer stays cold and my meat fresh," and it was so.
On the third day, he said, "Let there be Television, so I am entertained", and it was, and verily, it showed unto him The Wrath Of Khan.
On the fourth day, he said, "Let there be gas, and a stove, that I may enjoy a morning coffee," and by midnight, it was just so.
On the fifth day, he said, Let there be furniture, that I may sleep like a civilized being above the ground," and it was thusly ordered.
On the sixth day, he said, "Let there be a computer, that I may work from home if need be," and there was, not one, but two, formatted and delivering unto him 1.5 mbps at night.
On th seventh day... we shall find out.


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