Monday, May 07, 2012

Under Surveillance

Just occurred to me, RPGs can make a fascinating psychoanalytical tool. It's a controlled environment, and every decision point has a clearly documented history by the time you reach it; and the choices are relatively straightforward. 
But set up an algorithm to track users' decisions - and in-game behavior - and you would see some very interesting patterns emerge. 
Sniping vs the Tank Rush. 
Resource management. 
Sheer organization and tidying up. 
How much he helps the NPCs. 
Procrastinating on the main questline for entertainment vs rushing in unprepared. 

All this is aside of the major good / bad decisions made... and somewhere, at Sony or Microsoft HQ, is a supercomputer that's adding up a player's psych-profile with every game he plays. Wonder how that info can be used? 

1 comment:

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