Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the easy option... not that easy

Saw Rang de Basanti last weekend, and came out a little disturbed. Didn't anyone else find anything wrong with the idea of a bunch of guys so scared of the real world they had cocooned themselves in a fantasy, a North Campus Neverland?
Idealism versus realism. Do you choose to follow what you believe is Right, even though you know it could end up destroying you...
and this is scary
do you take the second option - of getting out of your fantasy world, getting into Life the way it is and fighting your way through.
Guess which is tougher.
Somewhere the stories have twisted inside out. Death and self sacrifice actually comes across as the simpler option, though this is probably nothing remotely near what Rakesh Mehra originally thought.
Look around us.
If we knew this is what we were going to be getting into, would we have gone ahead?

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