Thursday, January 26, 2006

talking to myself, future tense

One unashamedly gross site is deathclock. I love it. the bit with the seconds counting down has me laughing for long periods at a stretch every time I see it (which might explain my last performance appraisal) but today I was going the final mile. These guys tell you when you're going to be dead; I was telling myself that I was dead.
I'm supposed to leave the world a better place on Jan 7th, 2020... And that's when I'm also going to receive a
mail from myself today, telling me I'm dead. Wonder how I'll react.
It's not good being dead, but being told that in a spirit of extreme mirth by a healthy 26-year-old who's completely out of reach must be extremely irritating.

I shall share my timepass. I'm going to mail everyone I know to receive mails the day they die.

God Bless Google. With Gmail, they triggered an inbox war... and made an email address the true permanent address.


  1. T,

    I believe there is life after death... Death is just the beginning!

    Let the countdown begin! :-)


  2. Anonymous6:15 AM

    this is depressing... i am going to die on...Friday, January 19, 2080.

    don't want to live soooooo long!

  3. ah.. i sent a mail on futureme too.. jus to remind me to remind u that u were supposed to be dead.. heh