Thursday, April 06, 2006

is an extramarital affair a sin?

One of you, dear readers, will have already read this... please excuse

self-denial to oneself the pleasures of life, whether food, or mood-altering substances, or the pleasures of the flesh.

how do you define virtue?
something you do for the good of all society around you, that develops into a set of societal norms. Cleanliness was a virtue because your fleas couldn't spread the Black Death. Fidelity is a virtue because you can't spread HIV.
But substance abuse? A virtue because you don't rob and murder to finance your habit? A slight stretch... so many other things that you can do the same to finance... but playing the stockmarket isn't a sin. Nor is choosing Gleddenfich over Mera No. 1.
Or having an affair. Whether you hurt others (or even just one person) is not a given. But do you by extension, by example, hurt society? Only according to the accepted norms... and how relevant are they? If you encourage by example everyone to sleep around, are you also indirectly leading to the demise of the human race via STD epidemics?


  1. so considering the fact that we, as a race, have single-handedly( is it appropriate use of the word?) destroyed the planet,doing something to cause our extermination should be a virtuous act. so is fidelity a sin or the oposite? quite confused.

  2. don't equate yourself (or ourself) to the human race, oxy. that way lies a short but extremely intimate relationship between mister razor and miss vein.