Thursday, April 13, 2006


I'm on another health trip again. It's been close to 60 hours now, and I've slipped back only once.
Everything they say is true. The world is sharper. Louder. Brighter. Tastes better, smells... more, this being Bombay. But I have this undercurrent of restless manic jittery energy all the time... any more and it'll be twitchy.
I'm walking everywhere, and it doesn't matter how hot it gets. I arrive in office every morning dripping sweat. I arrive home every evening bathed in it. I'm sleeping earlier. The dreams haven't started yet, but it's a matter of time. In a couple of days my bodyclock will readjust and I can throw away the alarm clock.
Although I say this every time, this might actually be it. I've found something stronger. 12 years' conditioning for responding to feelings of satiety, stress, pleasure, relaxation, boredom, intoxication with a cigarette is being beat.
And sorry, I'm not saying what it is... you have to find your angels yourself.
The post-food periods are the worst, though. I actaully progress to twitchiness for a quarter-hour around then.


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