Monday, July 17, 2006

Template Crash

Something weird happened to blogger, and I don't mean censorship. It was more like a kind of panic attack; my entire template apparently decided to take a long, long holiday and never came back.
I went through the gamut of blog crash emoting-
Confusion: Where is it? why can't I see my sidebar? Ctrl-F5, Ctrl-F5...
Denial: It can't be gone. It's here somewhere. I just have to find it. Please. It's here. I know. I can smell it.
Anguish: Auuuuuuuuggh
Manic Panic: if-i-save-my-blog-from-cache-ill-get-my-links-and-rebuild
Depression: Ahh, what's the point of it all anyway?
Pissed off: Why is God / Blogger / the net picking on me?
Rebirth: I will survive! I shall rebuild! Like a Phoenix, my Template shall arise anew from the ashes of... wherever it was
Zombie mode: code-check-lookup-refer-code-check-lookup-refer
Relief: It's back! And even better than before! Shiny! New! Polished to a mirror gleam! Engine purring! Complete with facial, tooth whitening and boob job!
Picking at scabs: Why isn't the desiblogs image showing... hmm...
I'm treating it with kid gloves now, though. That's an hour and a half of my life gone in just re-creation that I'm not getting back.
Don't you wish everything else that breaks is this easy to fix? That's why I love the net - everything is code. Get the code right, and you have everything. Exactly the way you want.
Drat. I was born to be a Matrix agent... born a century too early.


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