Friday, October 20, 2006

Horrifying Parents part - 1

Have been thinking more and more about getting a tattoo done for a while now.
Obviously, permanent. So now the question is - what? Everything that looks damn cool today will be horribly embarassing tomorrow. Besides, I'm not really the kind of person who'll be able to wear a naked-woman-entwined knife-through-left-eye fire-breathing-snake-through-right-eye kind of thing without having a "Yeah, I know how it looks, :(" added on under it.

What else? Abstract celtic patterns is good, with the tremendous advantage that if I put on 20 kgs over the next couple of years, the tattooed Charlize Theron won't become the tattooed Aileen Wuornos.

Japanese Kanji characters is pretty good too. Looks nice, and you can always customize what it means to anyone who asks according to what they want to hear. A 'No Smoking' sign in Kanji could become the basis for a lifetime bonding with a Gladrags Model Of The Decade if you tell her it means Save All Cute Furry Creatures Of The World. Or some such crap. Some marketing needed.

Even your own name can be a pretty good idea. check this out -

Nice, huh?

Anyway - feedback invited. What do you think would look really good? I'll probably go for a full-back-and-shoulderblades-thingy; everywhere else is too much hair and I'm not disposing of the best mosquito protection I have during treks just for a little beauty. Best suggestion gets five-star dinner and a chance to give me back massage on brand new tattoo.


  1. Definitely get a whole back and shoulders thing... take it from a girl, nothing more attractive, unless of course you have weird stray strands of hair on your shoulders. Get an eagle landing with wings spread out and back...

    We havent met yet, I'm Amit's girlfriend, and have been trying to persuade him into getting one. maybe a race to get one will help!!

  2. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Tattoos are cool." "Yeah, I wish I was born with one." "You're not born with tattoos, dumbass. You get them when you join the navy."

  3. Anonymous4:08 AM


  4. ok by now u would've already decided..but me thinks u should get something which represents you...a sign or a tibetan tantra knife or sign on a shoulder blade would look nice. btw i am a regular at ur trek being a traveler myself. love ur escapades...:-)

  5. Anonymous6:30 PM

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