Saturday, November 11, 2006

a blog on a blog

I was looking at my two blogs recently, and they're so - starkly different.
Look at the travel blog, for instance. There's a distinct sequence on events, a process. Each post has a series of things behind it.
An event. A journey, a trek. An effort made in doing that.
Photos taken, transferred, cleaned, and uploaded on flickr.
People. Different people, from different places, with different stories.
Research. Where did we go, what is it, where it came from, what is there and what was there. A history.
Remembrance. The incidents, the stories, the words.
And last and least - the post.
There's a discipline.
And then, look at this one. It rambles. Posts for the sake of posting. Anytime. On anything. Random.
The question is - can you even decide which is better? Or if that adjective is even relevant.
Free flowing or disciplined?
Random or restricted?
Blank verse or haiku?
Maybe I should start applying some rules to this. Restrict each post to an event, an evocative image, an emotional connect.


  1. don't be anal retentive.

  2. yup...both defines let u be you rather than putting urself in a frame....

  3. I like this one better. It flows like life back and forth non- linear. Like the stream of consciousness. I hope you don't refrain from, restrain, restrict... you get the point!

  4. Anonymous4:37 AM

    me thinks this blog is more you...stick with this.....