Monday, January 29, 2007

House hunt: The story continues

The story so far:
After roomie recovered from spiritual anguish, and we finalized the Embassy society to move. Papers were signed, advances paid, NOC's done, cops bribed, photos clicked and submitted, biodatas given and signatures signed.
Then the Embassy society called an emergency meeting to ban bachelors from entering the premises. Our shadows can no longer darken their doors again.

So, the search continues...

Perizaad (The Fairy) building has excellent views of both the Andheri Sports Complex ground, the under-construction building in front, and the excavated canal filled with a black sludge that looks like Ardros from the ST:TNG - Skin of Evil episode, a psychotic, malicious, unkillable black tar-creature who murders the security office for fun.
Guru Dhrishti (The Sight of the Guru) building can be reached only by land rovers or tanks. We watched a girl in an Accent nose-dive into a camouflaged ditch and bleat pitifully for help from within her trapped vehicle for half an hour.
Amiya (Sanskrit - "nectar, delightful" or "boundless") building is precisely behind the DN Nagar Towed vehicles holding area, so recovering my bike from it's frequent stays at police hospitality is going to be a lot easier. It also has horrific scribbles done by an apparently mentally disturbed child in crayon on every wall.

...and so the hunt continues...


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