Thursday, March 29, 2007

the rush continues

Slightly scary. My game obsession is back. The last time I looked at the clock, it was 4 AM and I'd just shot down two entire squadrons of B-17s. Yup, they're the ones with tailgunners, waisgunners, and even a friggin' nacelle gunner. and I shot down twenty. And as of this morning I acquired NFS:Underground, Hitman, RA2:Yuri's Revenge and Caesar III to add onto the ever-growing pile of games to be tested sitting on my PC, where HL2: Ep1 is beginning to practically vibrate in anticipation. Damn I need to clear out a couple of dozen GB. Talking of which - I took stock and realized over the last 60 days I've aquired 149 divx movies. If I'd legitimately bought them, I'd have spent close to 50 grand.
Oh Lord, won't you buy me, an external HDD?


  1. Ohh god! Et Tu!!

  2. When you buy one...could you look for "buy one, get one" deals?