Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What do you think of me?

Ever wondered what people really think about you? I just got to know. Granted it's not a very large audience - but very telling, especially when just 1 or 2 traits emerge.

It's something called Johari.
Nothing to do with KJo or any associated creatures; It's a prog developed by John Somebody and Harry Someone.

Setup your window, and forward it to your friends / enemies.

If you want to know all the good stuff, go
here, and if you want to know how evil you truly are, here.

You tell me!
Good Stuff
Bad Stuff

Results so far -


(known to self and others)

aloof, selfish, dispassionate

Blind Spot

(known only to others)

inflexible, violent, vulgar, withdrawn, hostile, inane, cruel, distant, blasé, chaotic, impatient, insensitive, smug, overdramatic, inattentive, unreliable, cold


(known only to self)

timid, cynical, passive


(known to nobody)

incompetent, intolerant, cowardly, glum, stupid, simple, insecure, irresponsible, lethargic, unhappy, unhelpful, needy, unimaginative, brash, ignorant, irrational, childish, boastful, imperceptive, weak, embarrassed, loud, vacuous, panicky, unethical, self-satisfied, rash, dull, predictable, callous, foolish, humourless

Dominant Traits

80% of people agree that ashishtewari is aloof

All Percentages

incompetent (0%) intolerant (0%) inflexible (20%) timid (0%) cowardly (0%) violent (20%) aloof (80%) glum (0%) stupid (0%) simple (0%) insecure (0%) irresponsible (0%) vulgar (20%) lethargic (0%) withdrawn (40%) hostile (20%) selfish (20%) unhappy (0%) unhelpful (0%) cynical (0%) needy (0%) unimaginative (0%) inane (20%) brash (0%) cruel (20%) ignorant (0%) irrational (0%) distant (40%) childish (0%) boastful (0%) blasé (20%) imperceptive (0%) chaotic (20%) impatient (20%) weak (0%) embarrassed (0%) loud (0%) vacuous (0%) panicky (0%) unethical (0%) insensitive (40%) self-satisfied (0%) passive (0%) smug (20%) rash (0%) dispassionate (20%) overdramatic (40%) dull (0%) predictable (0%) callous (0%) inattentive (20%) unreliable (20%) cold (20%) foolish (0%) humourless (0%)

Created by the Nohari Window on 18.4.2007, using data from 5 respondents.
You can
make your own Nohari Window, or view ashishtewari's full data.

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  1. Anonymous7:35 AM

    hahaha...seems like a good way to raise self-esteem...heh??!!