Saturday, April 14, 2007

who's going to remember?

Saw this a while back, and while I laughed my ass off then, seeing it again now made me think.

What's the point? Why am I even doing this? A banner that's seen for barely a tenth of a second for one day... and forgotten in ten seconds if it was ever noticed to begin with...
What's the point? When you get right down to it, what's the fuckin point?

I want to do more than just this.
I want to do stuff that changes the way people look at this medium, that changes the way people live.
Stuff that makes a difference to Life.

An approved 468x60 animated gif on the homepage is not it.

I don't know... just tired. maybe a little disillusioned, but mostly tired.
I need a break.

1 comment:

  1. ohhh god!! This just sums up how mindless the game is...doesnt it? the reason why i left. ya once i thot in those lines too...make a difference if not in anybody's life, then my life. still havent found the right road. all the best buddy.