Friday, November 16, 2007

looking back

I was reading an Asterix yesterday, and was thinking that somehow the impact isn't the same anymore... I remember laughing out loud, ROTFLing, the works. I remembered the other comics, how they would have a larger-than-life, story playing visually in my head even as I curled up under the wooden stairs of the Hobby Corner at Janpath, browsing away, complete with backstories, sound effects, even smells and vibrations. The same used to happen with the books, the music, the movies.
But it's not the quality that's gone down. It's not my brain that's degrading, my sense of imagination and humour fading.
It's nostalgia.
The books I read today will be remembered as having the same impact, five years later.
Do you realize how rich every experience you have today is? Ask your future self. He'll remember.
Appreciate today! It's more fun than you thought it was.


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