Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Moving Story continues...

Laws of Packing
  1. Everything is covered with dust. Thick, grimy, cobwebby, full-body dust. The Dara Singh of Dust. Dust that's been working out and wont give up easily without a solid fight.
  2. When a bag is closed, an item is immediately found that needs to be put in the said bag. The probability of this happening increases in direct proportion to -
    1. The bag being locked
    2. The key being misplaced
      1. Corollary - the more essential the item, the higher the probability of the key being lost. In case of self-closing locks, the key has a 98% chance of being inside the bag.
  3. Rubbish is infinite.
  4. Number of available bags will always be less than amount of available stuff.
    1. This will happen regardless of the number of bags. A Duckback warehouse will be insufficient.
  5. The duster, when required, will always be at a distance of minimum 75% on the other side of the room.
    1. Corollary - The distance increaes in direct proportion to volume of rubbish obstructing your path to it.
    2. There are 3 exceptions to the Duster Distance Theorem.
      1. The duster is under you, if you are sitting down.
      2. The duster is underneath the large, heavy bag you just packed.
      3. The duster is not in the room at all, but has been slyly 'borrowed' when you weren't looking by co-packers.


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