Sunday, December 23, 2007

A moving story - the end

What a day.
I mean, seriously.

Phase 2 - the heavy, bulky furniture - successfully moved, and unpacked. The rubbish sold off. The post-move check for all the stuff left behind, done. Identified. Packed. Moved.
PC set up.
Kitchen functional.
Fridge working, even some food stocked.
Cupboards filled up.
And now - finally - I can sleep.
So tired. So completely bone-tired. But we did it. The most intense shifting experience till date, over and done with.

My roomie's room, after packing. I don't see much difference.

My room - a last look. Strange sense of - a kind of loss. We've moved on, but the room is still there - so much happened here, the last two years. Life changed so much. Everything changed... and every night, this was the room I returned to to rest.
Goodbye, A-7.


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