Monday, March 20, 2006


So here I am in Dalhi. chaos reigns.

What am doing in Dalhi, you ask? You may well do so. And in the immortal words of Archana, if I find out, I will definitely let you know.
Friday night I was happily playing dumb charades with A___'s CEO and VP and my own GM.
Then I was 10 drinks down and changing a car tyre at 3 AM.
Then I was 16 drinks down and at the airport, but my body refuses to move. Does alcohol metamorphose into a muscular neurotoxin when it crosses 1,000 ml in the human body?
Then I was in the Starcom conference room, being trained in Starcom Processes (kinky!)
Then I was in Andheri, packing.

Night passed.

Then I was in Dalhi introducing Gaurav T to the Joy of Oracle. The thrills of the MAFs and the highs of the SOWs. The deep serenity of the SOLAR and the outright hilarity of the ARS. topped up with with the near-orgasmic levels of pleasure of the Global Flowchart.
Then I was roaming Centerstage in tow of my hosts in search of large bright paper flowers.
Then I was gorging on the best mutton curry I have had since I last visited my grandparents, nearly ten years ago.
Then I was back in Okhla with Oracle.

Now I blog. So whassup, doc?


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