Monday, March 13, 2006

what's the weather like up there?

You Are Lightning
Beautiful yet dangerous. People will stop and watch you when you appear. Even though you're capable of random violence, you're best known for your power.
Your dominant state: performing
What Type of Weather Are You?


Obviously. What else were you expecting?

It's getting dark, and there's an electric feeling in the air. Something is readying itself, and you don't know where, or what, you can sense it coming.
A wind rises, a wall of hot, dry dust sweeping with it like a desert god's arm clearing his arena of the debris of the fun and games past.

A moment of silence.

Then ten gigawatts of raw energy leaps from heaven to earth, flickering through kilometers of air, foliage, and creatures between.
Air boils, flashes to plasma and slams outwards in terror.
The ground blackens, melts, sand fuses to glass before it understands what happened.
The wavefront rolls across the plain in a tsunamic crackle that fades to a deeper bass that you feel in your bones miles away.

And there's silence again, shocked, hushed.

The moment passes. And then the rain comes.


Don't panic, people... I was just trying out some image-rich writing. The results were highly pretentious and wannabe; will be using imagery only when quietly slipped in the middle of other cynical sarcasm like an oyster in a shell. (Like so!)


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