Thursday, May 11, 2006

have a bad day

This is very clearly getting perverse now. Not only does the Person Upstairs not like me, but he seems to be deriving vicious enjoyment in making me suffer, the way I used spend hours of enjoyment with large ants, some string and a GoodNight.
Not only am I working my butt off the last 2 weeks and returning home at midnight each night every night, I finally get a heaven-sent opportunity to be home early. A meeting ends, barely a 20-min drive from home... at exactly the tipping point, where it makes as much sense returning to office as it does going home... and as usual, I froze.
Office? Home? Work? Sleep? Presentation? Blog? Client call? Kill Bill?
flip, flop, flip, and so on until 2 cigs and a chai later I took the plunge and went home, screw everything, will deal with it early tomorrow. Happily and relaxedly reached home and took out keys to open front door to discover said keys were not said keys, said keys were actually in office desk drawer.

There is nothing more frustrating than standing at that door, knowing that half an inch away is cold beer in the bridge, a soft mattress, DVDs, and best of all 4 hours of uninterrupted me-time. Half an inch, but it might as well be in Kathmandu.

Oh, well. Take the bike and go to some friend's place? Good idea, if helmet wasn't locked inside house and bike papers still incomplete.
Call roommate? Produce cell, find battery dead.
Grind teeth.

Recall number from memory and dial fromPCO. Get an old man. Of course, it helps that my roomie's name is also an impolite slang for 'old man' if pronounced that way. Get abused by said old man.
Take extra key from broker? Excellent. Broker gone to gaon. Even more excellent.
Grind teeth again.
Recall from memory with more concentration, get roomie. Tell him to get ass here.
Wander shop to shop begging for nokia charger. Sun went down hours back but temperature still sauna, only more humid. Take refuge in cybercafe. Realize I'm paying by the minute for a service that I get better, faster, and way way cheaper on the other side of that half inch thick door. No new mails. Nobody online. Pay credit card bill and stare aimlessly at screen. Force owner to charge phone and chainsmoke while chatting up people I've not spoken to in years for the next 2 hours.
Find I have booked myself to catch up with people I don't want to ever see again for 3 lunches, 5 dinners, a party and 12 drinks in 2 days. Not including what I already had planned. This is going to be an interesting weekend.


  1. Rhea, if you are responsible for this please desist; I shall grovel at your feet, buy you diamonds, perform any bizarre sexual fantasy you want, but please take your hex offa me

  2. dude, you need a holiday before you kill someone...

  3. why do i get a warm, happy, glowy feeling reading this blog?

  4. additionally, not only does your misery make me happy, i'm also feeling very pissed with you and tempted to hex with concentration.why? for making me give up time and serious mental effort trying to think of a suitable price that may guarantee this amount of pleasure.
    ps. how many diamonds? what size?
    pps. is it plain groveling or abject?

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  6. call him. please. you owe it to your future.

  7. Save the blog content for a year and you could write a surefire bestseller... maybe a dark comedy... or the male equivalent of chic lit... on living alone in world's weirdest metro. It would help to use shorter sentences than the one above.

  8. I'll owe it to my phone bill first...

    and D, you've stumbled upon my master plan for eternal wealth...