Tuesday, May 09, 2006

nobody likes me

Especially whatever god that may exist of technology... he's stopping short of casting e-thunderbolts upon my greying careworn head but that's about it. After the entire cable internet episode, which I would still consider the crowning glory, here's what else he's done -
  • blocked the oil feed to my engine when I was about to take out one of the hottest girls I know
  • gave me a job in the Internet industry and then had my IT department firewall me
  • got my MP3 player stolen
  • made all my interfaces produce perversely wrong reports, the kind that look oh-so-innocent until a question is asked, whereupon the entire structure of your conclusions collapses like a House of Usher and clients screech like the undead
  • turned my cell to a screaming demon that I can no longer use; every call is additional stress
  • made me IM-deaf&dumb by disallowing the Y!M network proxies
  • when I bypass that with meebo, the net itself gets cut off
I seem to have seriously pissed him off at some point.
How do you appease a vengeful modern god? Can't be animal sacrifices or that would've worked by now. Should I sacrifice my roommate? Can't imagine why any god might find him appetizing, and I might lose some more brownie points. Maybe his Dell.


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